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Unexplained Phenomena at Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, AR

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In researching for supernatural occurrences to investigate, I stumbled upon a Youtube video titled Game Cam Photos of Levitating Rocks at Board Camp Crystal Mine.  It quickly perked my interest, and since I grew up only an hour away from this area, I knew exactly where this was located.  The small town of Mena, Arkansas and it's surrounding neighbors are no strangers to me.  

I watched the video and rewatched it, slowing it down frame by frame observing what they called the "strange phenomena" of rocks moving by themselves.  I didn't know at the time, that this was only a little piece of the puzzle to what has been happening at this crystal mine.  

I had my husband watch it with me and our first impression was that they had to be moving the rocks themselves.  Then I noticed bright flashes of light and temperature changes.  I researched on the internet for anything related to this crystal mine and the phenomena.  Being a new member of MUFON, I researched their database and realized quickly that sightings of UFO's had been reported at about the same time that these pictures were captured by the game camera.  I also found a post from another source UFO Hunters with someone reporting a sighting from February 2017.  (Click on the link to see it)  With a little more in-depth research, I realized quickly that this had gained national attention from MUFON and also the Travel Channel.  

The Board Camp Crystal Mine will be featured on the Travel Channel's upcoming four part mini-series Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials with Josh Gates and also featuring Chase Kloetzke, Special Assignment Team Investigator, from MUFON.  It will start airing, October 4th, 2017, on the Travel Channel.

With more interesting videos being released on Board Camp Mine's Youtube Channel and in reading news articles from across the web, I wanted to see this for myself.  It took me a few weeks to finally be able to travel to Mena.  For this visit, I was only able to do a day time tour, but in hearing the stories and seeing some of the strange evidence myself, I will be going back with more gear for a full investigation and a night watch.  Let me just say this before I go further, the videos do not do the levitation and movement of the rocks justice. Before I went there myself, I thought the crystals on the home made scale were small. These are huge rocks that probably weigh many pounds!!!! Remember, the rocks are only part of the sightings, not the full story.
Ends of Leaves Burnt from Event Above Crystal Mine

Orville and Cheryl Murphy bought the mine in 2008 and opened a public dig site in 2012 for quartz crystal.  Last fall, Orville started noticing orbs of light in the woods.  Since then, more and more strange phenomena continues to occur. 
  • Unexplained lights that manifest and disappear
  • Game camera photos showing rocks levitating and moving out of position
  • Glowing orbs in different colors that seem to float in the woods and the surrounding areas. 
  • Batteries mysteriously being drained
  • Large quartz crystals that appear to drop from the sky
  • The leaves on the end of branches that surround the mine have burn marks and are dying
  • Metal objects and fence posts that surround the mine are becoming magnetized

What I found really interesting, is that not only are the Murphy's experiencing unexplained events, their surrounding neighbors are too.  As I stated above, there have also been many UFO sightings reported around the same time as some of the major events that took place at the mine.  I am truly intrigued. Are the orbs caused from the piezoelectricity caused from quartz crystal?  Is their a scientific explanation for everything?  Why are there UFO's over the crystal mine? What makes it so special?  I don't have the answers to those questions.

I can only attest to the fact that while I was there, I was shown surveillance footage of unexplained lights and orbs that I cannot explain.  I was also given a tour of the mine and told many of the stories of eye witness accounts of strange happenings in and around the mine area.  I was also shown fence posts that have been put up to protect the natural landscape of the mine.  These fence posts are becoming magnetized.  Orville showed me, using an ordinary compass, that the ends of the fence posts are becoming polarized. One end makes the compass point to north and the other end points to the south.  That was truly amazing. What could be causing this phenomena?  There was also an increased electromagnetic field surrounding the fence posts.  Is this from the crystal energy? 

As we walked around the mine, two white pieces of wire were sticking up out the ground.  Orville asked Cheryl to pick them up, I believed, worried someone might trip over them.  She pulled them up from out of the ground and recognized them as dousing rods that a lady had left from an earlier visit.  Orville pulled out his compass to see if, by chance, these metal rods were affected by whatever is going on there. With the two rods held together, he checked the ends to see if it would make the compass move.  Nothing.  Then he used just one rod by itself.  As he moved the compass to the end of the white rod, I felt myself get a little excited. Did it do anything? Sure enough, the compass moved to north. He checked the opposite end of the wire and the compass moved to south.  It was polarized! My mind was racing.  How did that happen from just being stuck in the ground?  With that, he checked the other rod and it was polarized opposite from the first.  That's why the compass did not move.  They were canceling each other out. Just what the heck is happening at this place? This is why the mine is still under investigation and many things are unexplained.

The Murphy's didn't just experience one event of strange phenomena, it is continuing! That's what makes their story so intriguing.  Since they began to let other investigators visit, give tours, and do night watches, many other people have reported seeing strange sightings.  They are even capturing them on cameras. Just go to their Facebook page and read all the new accounts of sightings and look at the pictures for yourself.  

I was sad to have to leave the tour with so many unanswered questions and to not get a chance to do a complete investigation myself.  Time can be my enemy.  But I left with the knowledge that something amazing is happening at the Board Camp Crystal Mine and that I will be back to investigate it further with more equipment. I also got the chance to meet some of the nicest and warmest people I have ever met in my life.  Orville and Cheryl made me feel very welcome to be there and let me ask as many questions as I wanted.  We probably could have continued to talk for hours.  There is so much more information that I could share, but I don't want to ruin it for everyone.  My advice is to go see it for yourself.

They give tours on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 9:00am to 11:00am. Night watches are on Saturdays starting at 7:00pm. Please visit the link above for more information.  If your wanting more information about the strange phenomena, I encourage you to check out their Facebook page and visit their website and read the personal testimonies of other visitors and investigators. Also, they were recently interviewed on Inception Radio Network. Click the link for the interview.  

I'm eager to return to try and see if I can capture something myself and also eager to hear MUFON's report on the upcoming episode of Expedition Unknown.

Kerri Bingaman
Founder of

P.S. One more thing....I did have a geek out moment in the Jeep that Josh Gates drove for the upcoming episode.  You can't get a cheesier grin than this.

Disclosure:  The thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and may not reflect the thoughts and opinions of other.  This post is not sponsored and is not affiliated with the Board Camp Crystal Mine. Visit their website for more information.

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