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Josh Peck Answers My Questions About CERN and Quantum Computers

Every week on Skywatch TV's, Into The Multiverse , hosts Josh and Christina Peck take the viewer on a journey of discovery into the weird worlds of quantum physics, cosmology, and prophecy. Josh is also the author of many books, with his most recent co-authored with Tom Horn, Abaddon Ascending: The Ancient Conspiracy at the Center of CERN's Most Secretive Mission. I recently had the privilege to ask Josh Peck some questions dealing with quantum physics and CERN from a Biblical perspective.  I was eager to get his take on these topics, as I believe we are living in the last days, and having this knowledge could be paramount in understanding Bible prophecy and the universe itself.

First, I wanted to ask you about your background in quantum physics.  How do you get into the study of quantum physics?

My wife, Christina, was really the one who caused me to become interested in quantum physics. I used to stay away from it because I had the false belief that quantum physics and the Bible weren't compatible. When Christina and I started dating, she already had an interest in physics. We were poor, so the only TV channels we were able to get were public access science shows and Christian shows. Through those, we started seeing the two had more in common that I had previously thought. 

Do you believe that quantum physics holds the secrets to how God made our universe?

Yes and no. I believe it is a step in the right direction. However, ultimately, I believe what God wants secret will remain secret. Yet, at the same time, I believe quantum physics can give us a much richer view of reality no other science is able to provide. Through this, we can gain more appreciation for the genius of our Father to see how He put everything together.   

There is a lot of talk about what is going on at CERN and the LHC, a lot of conspiracy theories, a lot of people scared that it is causing earth quakes, strange occurrences, and that it could cause a catastrophic event.  Do you believe that the experiments at CERN could cause those things and unexplained phenomenon to occur? That it could split the veil between the spiritual realms?

As far as earthquakes and black holes, I believe the chances of those being caused by CERN are incredibly slim and I have not seen any convincing evidence linking the two, though I suppose it is still possible. As far as splitting the veil, they have gone on record to say they are searching for higher dimensions and suspect they may make contact with entities there. We would recognize this as the spirit realm, but they see it as a super-physical place all around our own reality yet separate from it. I do believe either CERN or some other organization in the future will achieve this goal which will, in my personal opinion, fulfill the Revelation 9 prophecy about the opening of the abyss. 

To mark the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel, CERN hosted what many are calling an occult ceremony or ritual to celebrate the event.  What do you think is the significance of this?

I think it shows the demonic realm has far more influence over these things than most people, possibly even the participants themselves, are aware. If the enemy can inspire something like that, imagine what they can do if dimensions are breached and they are allowed fully into our reality. 

In your book, that you co-authored with Tom Horn, Abaddon Ascending: The Ancient Conspiracy at the Center of CERN’s Most Secretive Mission, there is a reference to the LHC being built over a former temple to the god Apollo.  Do you believe that is a coincidence or could it hold a deeper meaning?

I do not believe this was a coincidence, at least not on the spiritual side. I believe the humans who made the decisions where to build the LHC knew about it as well, but a case could be made that they may not have known. However, I do believe it was inspired by the enemy to build in that location, over the ruins of an ancient city in which the citizens worshipped the god Apollo and believed the bottomless pit resided there. 

Do you know if CERN is using a D-Wave quantum computer in their analysis and study of quantum particles and fields?

I know CERN is very interested in quantum computing in order to process the vast amount of data the LHC produced, however I do not know specifically about the D-Wave. 

The D-Wave computer is said to be able to pull information from other dimensions.  This is scary when you think about it.  Do you think that it is possible that they are actually contacting the spiritual or demonic realm to get information?  

Very well could be. Quantum computers use a naturally-occurring process called "quantum entanglement" in which particles can communicate instantaneously. It is a mystery how these particles are doing this, but one theory is they are possibly utilizing higher dimensions. If this is the case, then quantum computers, in a way, could be utilizing higher dimensions. 

Some people are saying that CERN and the D-Wave computer together could open a portal to the Abyss from Revelation.  Any thoughts on this?

This could be the thing that allows the angel to open the bottomless pit; the act of defiance against God where He finally says enough is enough. If true, I do believe this would be the time when the demonic locusts and Abaddon himself will be released from the bottomless pit to create chaos against an unsuspecting world. It is scary to think about, however we are told they do not hurt followers of Christ. Even if we are here when this happens, and I'm not saying we will or won't be, we as Christians will be safe from these entities and their king. 

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