Monday, July 10, 2017

Haunted Mound Sites & UFO's - Is There a Connection? Part 2

Toltec Mounds in Scott, Arkansas

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and did not get to finish my last post and elaborate on the coincidences of UFO sightings over mound sites that were reportedly haunted. 

I believe there is a connection.  Let me explain....
If the Nephilim found their way into North America and either lived among the indigenous tribes of mound builders or as a separate group of people, and had a connection to the building of these mound sites, it makes sense that their spirits still roam those areas.  

It's hard to deny their presence or influence when there is evidence of giant skeletons, elongated skulls, and similar belief systems and customs like those of the Canaanites.  (I will be doing a video and a blog post about Baal worship later and how the Nephilim arrived in North America.)

If we look at 1 Enoch 15:6-16:1 we see that the spirits of the Nephilim Giants still roam the earth.

1 Enoch 15:6 - 16:1
But you originally existed as spirits, living forever, and not dying for all the generations of eternity; therefore I did not make women among you.  The spirits of heaven in heaven is their dwelling; But now the giants who were begotten by the spirits and flesh - they will call them evil spirits on the earth, for their dwelling will be on the earth.  The spirits that have gone forth from the body of their flesh are evil spirits, for from humans they came into being, and from the holy watchers was the origin of their creation.  Evil spirits they will be on the earth, and evil spirits they will be called.  The spirits of heaven in heaven in their dwelling, but the spirits begotten on the earth, on the earth is their dwelling.  And the spirits of the giants <lead astray>, do violence, make desolate, and attack and wrestle and hurl upon the earth and <cause illnesses>.  They eat nothing, but abstain from food and are thirsty and smite. These spirits (will) rise up against the sons of men and against the women, for they have come forth from them.  From the day of the slaughter and destruction and death of the giants, from the soul of whose flesh and spirits are processing, they are making desolate without (incurring) judgement.  Thus they will make desolate until the day of the consummation of the great judgment, when the great age will be consummated.  It will be consummated all at once.

This would explain the many hauntings reported along with poltergeist activity in many houses near these areas.  There is also one story of a girl being possessed by the demon Baal in Scott, Arkansas, where the Toltec mounds are located nearby.

It also makes sense that if in the past these sites were used for pagan worship, sorcery, and rituals that they could be charged with a supernatural energy that does not come from our Creator. This may explain why people feel some sort of an energy or power emanating from the mounds and occult practitioners are drawn to these areas.  You can easily go on Youtube and watch occult practices being done on top of these ancient mounds.

But what about the UFO's and aliens?...

The map on the left from UFO Hunters, shows the UFO activity hot spots for the past year in North America.  The map on the right shows where the bones of giants were found.  See any similarities? 

It is my belief along with other researchers, that the disembodied spirits of the nephilim are using a host or avatar that look like the "greys".  These "greys" have been reported in many sightings and abductions.  They are using these avatars to complete genetic modification on abductees to usher in the new nephilim race.

It only makes sense that if their spirits are roaming these mounds and there is a strong spiritual energy emanating from them, that you would see more UFO's in these areas.  Are there portals that can be opened to other dimensions?  Why are so many of the mounds and other megalithic structures found around the world aligning to Orion and the Pleiades?  

I believe that the fallen angels and their progeny, the nephilim, are using UFO sightings and the stories of aliens to lead people away from our true Creator.  

UFO disclosure is already happening.  Who will you believe?

Disclosure:  The thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and may not reflect the thoughts and opinions of others.  Links to affiliate websites may be used in this post.

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