Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Haunted Mound Sites & UFO's - Is There a Connection?

Cahokia "Monks Mound"

The Cahokia Mounds sit just across the river from St. Louis, Missouri in Illinois.  It is home to the Monks Mound, the largest earthen structure in North America.  It's base is a full acre larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Mound 72 was found to contain a mass grave of the remains of human sacrifice.
There have been sightings of balls of light, shadows, and rattling coming from the Monks Mound.  Past residents have claimed their houses were haunted.  Visitors and residents have reported shadow figures in the woods and on top of the mounds.  The Mounds Drive In, which is now part of the site, is also reportedly haunted.  UFO's have also been reported over the site and nearby areas.

The Serpent Mound in Peebles, OH

The Serpent Mound is an effigy mound located in Peebles, OH and is the largest of it's kind in the world.  It is said to be haunted by those who built it.  Shadows have been seen around the hillsides and an energy can be felt above the walkways.  UFO's have been seen flying over the mound.

Temple Mound at Moundville, Alabama

The Moundville Archaeological Site is located near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It is said to be part of the Mississippian culture and consists of 29 platform mounds around a rectangular plaza.  
Ghostly drums have been heard at night.  Lights coming from one of the larger mounds, mists, orbs, and cold spots have all been reported at this site.  Strange shadowy figures, odd noises, and doors opening by themselves have been reported by the staff of the archaeological park.
In Oct. of 1976, an anonymous witness told the Tucaloosa News, "The thing just dropped out of the sky like a rock.  Just when I thought it was about to be crushed, it pulled just short...I looked up again and a light as bright as the sun blinded me." 

Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma

The Spiro Mounds are located in Fort Coffee, Oklahoma near the Arkansas River.  This site includes twelve earthen mounds and 150 acres of land.  Craig Mound has been called "an American King Tut's Tomb".
When the Choctaws arrived in the area, they knew what this site was and did not disturb it.  There have been stories of supernatural manifestations consisting of lurid blue fires flickering around the mounds at night, strange noises, and frightened animals.  An old mule barn used to be next to the Craig mound and it was reported that any mules that were houses there would come out at night spooked and couldn't be worked the next day.  People have reported feeling an energy at this site also.  UFO's have also been reported in this area.

Toltec Mounds in Scott, Arkansas

The Toltec Mounds is located on the banks of an oxbow lake and contains 18 mounds and a plaza area. This site used to have an 8 to 10 foot high and 5, 298 feet embankment wall and ditches.  
Unexplained lights and feeling like you are being watched are some of the reportings.  Residents that live in nearby lakefront homes have reported poltergeist activity, hearing chanting, and whispering of voices.  Apparitions have also been seen at the mounds and it is considered a place of very active paranormal activity by some paranormal research groups.  People also report feeling an energy emanating from the mounds.  In the small town of Scott, there was a story of a young girl being possessed by the demon Baal. * 
UFO sightings have been reported near the Toltec Mounds and the small town of Scott, AR.

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