Monday, June 19, 2017

What is and was the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, which this year, falls on June 21, 2017.  It is the point at which the northern hemisphere of the Earth is most inclined towards the sun, producing the most hours and minutes of daylight in a single day. It marks the start of our Summer and for most of us we think about barbecues and picnics, camping, swimming, fishing, Fourth of July fireworks, and vacations.  Most kids can't wait for summer to begin.  I'm looking forward to bratwurst and stuffed hamburgers on the grill.  Wait, oh crap, I'm supposed to be on a diet. 

But for some people and the ancients, the summer solstice is and was a time for worship of pagan deities.  This time is called Litha by some pagan groups and their focus is sun worship.  It is considered a time to perform rituals and magic spells.  

In the distant past, many ancient cultures performed rituals during the summer solstice honoring their "gods" and the power of the sun. The mound builders were also considered sun worshipers and the mounds were aligned with the summer and winter solstices.  The Serpent Mound in Ohio aligns perfectly.

Tomorrow I will travel to Spiro, Oklahoma to watch the sunset align with the mounds for the summer solstice and listen to the history of this site.  It will be interesting to watch this take place.  

I will be thinking about all the pagan rituals, celebrations, magic spells, and worship of false gods that probably happened at this site and many others.  What's important is to realize that it's still happening.  

We as brothers and sisters in Christ need to pray against the works of the devil and during this week come together and pray against wickedness, spell casting, and false god worship.  There's a supernatural war raging and we should be warriors in Christ.  

I'm not saying don't have your picnic or barbecue or enjoy the summer. Just don't be dancing in your undies around a bonfire singing praises to the sun.  

Druid Order
Founded in 1909 by George Mac-Gregor-Reid in the United Kingdom.  For over a century, these Druids have been holding three ceremonies at Stonehenge in Wiltshire.  Most of the ceremonies feature banners, a sword bearer leading the procession, three ladies bearing items in some way related to the season, the blowing of a horn, the reading of a scroll, representations of the elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, wine or cider, an invocation to East, West, North and South.

The Fire Festival of Litha
The Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year according to Pagans for the Sun god.  Fires were used to ritually strengthen the sun.  Fires were used to drive out evil and to bring fertility and prosperity to men, crops and herds.  People would dance around the balefires or leap through the flames in order to cleanse themselves. Magic spells would be performed and many pagan believe that the power of the sun at solstice is protective, healing, empowering, revitalizing, and inspiring. Divination also takes place on this night.

This information is just a very small portion of the rituals and celebrations that take place this week.  I encourage people to look up the pagan rituals and practices and make sure that you aren't unknowingly taking part in these. We just need to be awake and spread the word to expose the works of the devil.  

Thanks and have a great week!! 

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