Monday, June 26, 2017

The Pleiades Star Cluster and Connection to Nephilim

If you’ve been watching my videos, you’ll know I’ve been diving deep into the history of the ancient mound builders and how they relate to the Nephilim or fallen angels.  As I said before when you start researching this stuff you find more and more information. 

I always talk about the Spiro Mounds and several reasons are because of their connections with the Mississippian culture, the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, and the history of giant skeletons (newspaper articles), skulls with elongated heads mentioned by an archeologist in "Looting the Spiro Mounds", and it's relationship with many other mound sites with the same similarities. 

It was also loaded with artifacts that depicted their belief systems which incorporated bird men, the cosmos, the great serpent, giants such as in the story of "Red Horn", which was depicted in a stone figurine found in the burial mound. 
I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and grew up in a small town in Oklahoma about 15-20 minutes away from Spiro.  It’s amazing and intriguing to me that I grew up not to far from this ancient site that holds so many mysteries.  Not to get off on another topic, but it’s sad that this site is not kept up and that further investigation hasn’t been done. It’s just considered ancient Indian burial mounds and not much more.  They have kite flights and summer solstice walks, but not much else happens at this site.  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they actually told stories about the mysteries of this site and how giant skeletons were found, how people with elongated heads lived there, and how it the layout matches the Pleiades star cluster where certain Native American tribes believe a race of extraterrestrial beings came from? 

Maybe they would have more visitors. Maybe people would donate money for the upkeep of this ancient site.  Maybe they would want to dive deeper into the mystery of these mounds sites too when they understand how they relate to the Nephilim of the Bible and how understanding this past can help us be aware of what’s happening now in our lifetimes. 

Looking at the Spiro Mounds, the layout matches the Pleiades star cluster.  In many ancient cultures, this was very important because they believed that beings from the cosmos or "gods" came from this star cluster.  

I encourage you to watch my video below which outlines why this is important to understand.  

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own and my not reflect the thoughts and opinions of others.

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