Friday, May 5, 2017

Wow! My first post on this blog.

So I'm hoping I can work on this blog over the summer and get things transferred from over here that relate to this topic.  I really liked doing my blog and making videos on Youtube about beauty, etc..but I find myself becoming bored with it and I feel like I am being tugged to go more in this direction.  I have always been interested in the Supernatural and this subject never gets old for me.  I've already started my reddit page for Supernatural Sightings which you can check out here and I already have a Supernatural Sightings Youtube page so it was only natural that I should have a blog! :) I mean why not..or uhhhh..maybe I'm creating too much work for myself.  Anyway, please check us out here at Youtube Supernatural Sightings . I try to find interesting videos and make playlists that you might find interesting relating to the Supernatural.  I also have started making my own videos.  Catch you guys later!! Thank goodness it's Friday!

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