Saturday, May 6, 2017

Working on this blog a little.

Hey guys.  So today and this weekend I will try to work on this blog more and get it looking better. Don't be surprised if you see the format or layout changes over the next few weeks.  I can never make up my mind how I want things to look. :) Today we are going to be traveling to Murfreesboro, Arkansas to have some fun and dig for diamonds.  Also, I'm going to check out the mounds site there and see if I can find anything interesting to post here and put in my videos.  I try to travel to as many of these sites as I can.  I'm hoping that we may be able to travel farther in the future to some of the sites in Ohio and Cahokia up by St. Louis.  There is no shortage of research when you start digging into the topic of the Nephilim and giants.  I am amazed at how much information there is and how many leads and different directions my research takes me.  But I also wanted to mention something interesting here that happened yesterday.  For those of you who believe in Spiritual Warfare maybe you will understand.  I have been trying to upload my new video for Youtube since yesterday afternoon and I am currently on my third attempt.  I don't know if it's Youtube that is so slow or what.  The first time my video uploaded it left off 8 minutes or more of the last part.  This part is where I heavily discussed the demonic activities that people participate in and talk about God and Jesus.  Coincidence? The second time it only uploaded 44% and wouldn't go any farther.  This video talks about Nephilim, giants, and about the seed war between Satan and God.  I also try to express how much God doesn't want anyone to perish.  Why wouldn't that upload?  Was it being blocked by something demonic? Am I being censored by Youtube?  We all know that is happening especially if you mention Jesus or Christianity in your video.  So this attempt is going smoother.  We will see if anything gets left out.  This time I prayed that if anything was blocking this video from being uploaded that it be taken away.  It's currently at 88%.  


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