Monday, May 1, 2017

Our first Trip to the Haunted Crescent Hotel 2015

I absolutely love this hotel.  The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa is nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Standing high on top a hill in Eureka Springs, AR, no one can question this hotel's magnificence.  If anyone was an avid watcher of Ghost Hunters, then they know this hotel was investigated by the TAPS team several years back.  They actually captured video of what they thought was an apparition in the morgue below the hotel.  Watch a clip from that episode here:

A little background on the hotel:
     In 1937, Norman Baker, a quack calling himself a Doctor, purchased the hotel and turned it into what he called a Cancer hospital.  Apparently, he had been trying his so called Cancer cure in other states and got ran out to end up in Eureka Springs, AR.  Here, he defrauded cancer sufferers out of approx. $4 million dollars.  Many patients suffered and died within the Crescent's walls. His so called Cancer treatment consisted of  a formula of glycerine, carbolic acid, alcohol, mixed with tea brewed from water melon seed, brown corn silk, and clover leaves, which was injected into the body.  His thoughts was that the series of injections would eat the cancer without harming the surrounding tissue.  It didn't work and people started to die.  Later, it was thought that the injections might have hastened death. There are also stories of a worker who fell and died in the hotel, also of a little girl who fell to her death, and a suicide victim that jumped from the roof. For more please visit the link in the post....

So being the die hard fan of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, etc....I had to go there and drag Danny along.  I talked him into going on the ghost tour they offer at night.  I just had to show him the morgue and catch a ghost on my camera.  I don't think he was impressed too much but he went along anyway.  We arrived early, eagerly awaiting the ghost tour.  Outside, we walked the grounds and looked at the most beautiful flowers and landscaping.  It really is a sight to see.  Inside, it's like walking back in time to 1886.

We found our way upstairs to the meeting room for the nightly ghost tours. They hurried us inside and shut the doors.  We were met with a young girl for our tour guide who was very well versed in the history of Eureka Springs and the hotel.  After a brief introduction, we were on our way, cameras in hand, ready to capture some action.

Unfortunately, the only thing I captured was my husband in the mirror.  No ghosts, no orbs, nada.  I didn't even hear any spooky sounds at room 218.  Disappointed a little. :( But then, the moment was upon us.  We were headed to the morgue.  Yeeesssssaaaa!! Sorry, I'm a little morbid, I know. It's ok now though, because it's cleaned up and there's only one autopsy table left.  Nothing gross.  After another brief history lesson and video lecture (Blah), we headed into the room.
Door to morgue

Antique Wheelchair
Old Autopsy Table
Jars of Formaldehyde 
They did let us go inside the old cooler where they stored the bodies and body parts.  Yes, that's right, I said body parts.  They shut the door behind you so that it is pitch black inside.  A little spooky, but that's what my flashlights for on my phone.  I didn't want my husband poking me in the ribs trying to scare me because that's what he does.  I was ready just in case.  Nothing jumped out at us, no sounds, just an old picture of Norman Baker himself hanging on the back of the door.  So, it was pretty cool. Nothing too scary. I was expecting it to be more, but it was a fun evening.  I didn't capture anything on camera or video, but we had a great time and visited the bar upstairs for a few drinks and then turned in for the night at our hotel.  The bummer about this trip was that the hotel was booked up that weekend and we had to find a room at another hotel.  I was really wanting to be able to stay up late roaming the halls looking for anything out of the ordinary.  We hope to go back soon and be able to stay all night.  When we do, I'm going to shoot some video and post it on YouTube.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this post.  I encourage everyone to check this hotel out.  It really is amazing even without the ghosts.  Bye!!!
Old locker filmed in Ghost Hunters episode

Disclosure: All thought and opinions in this post are my own and not influenced, or sponsored in any way.  All pictures are personal and were taken on our trip. Please don't reuse them without obtaining my permission first. The history of the hotel was adapted from the Crescent's webpage. Please check out their website for more information and history.

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